The TM Silver Network

TM Silver are a specialist JVM technology recruitment company positioned to supply qualified candidates to our clients, hard to reach candidates that are not readily available through traditional recruitment methods.

We use our network to engage with the best talent within the JVM London market, and utilise our extensive experience in presenting your unique opportunities to them. We operate throughout the passive job seeker market, finding value in conversations and using our knowledge to make connections.

Providing a true personalised service, we strive to understand the needs of your business, needs that go beyond your technology stack. We will look to get a deeper understanding of your company culture and what it takes to excel in your team. By immersing ourselves in the values you look for, we can confidently present your role to skilled developers who we are confident will be interested. This translates into what you as the client truly desire, a shortlist of candidates who can not only fulfil the technical aspect of the job but who will also add value to your team environment.

We are a recruitment partner that you will return to, and have confidence in to provide hard to reach talent for your team.

We will confidently recruit for roles in your Software Development, DevOps and QA teams.